High End

You need support for the distribution and editing of your images?

I will be happy to make you an individual offer after a detailed discussion. Whether single images or series of images, here we will find together an optimal solution and time frame for their needs in post-production.

Before we can provide you with a quote, we need all the relevant information about your project. This includes the deadline, image format (e.g. JPEG, TIFF), whether the images are intended for print or online use, the type of images to be edited (e.g. portraits, landscapes, products), and the direction you want for the final result (e.g. natural look, strong grading).

Based on the information you provide, we can provide an estimate for the pricing breakdown. This takes into account factors such as the deadline, the scope of work, the type of images, and what needs to be done in the images (e.g. retouching, color correction, compositing). Additionally, pricing may vary depending on the desired grading level (e.g. low-end, mid-end, high-end).

Please note that an accurate cost breakdown depends on many factors, and there will always be an adjusted quote based on the provided details. However, we can say that the average price range for our image editing services is between 19 and 150 euros per image. Once we have all the details of your project, we will provide you with a tailored quote with an exact pricing breakdown.