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About This Project

Creative Projects: A Journey Through My Work

Here, you’ll find a selection of my diverse projects that I’ve passionately and creatively brought to life over the years. As an experienced Media Designer and Senior Retoucher, I’ve worked in various fields, from 3D animations to smaller commercials. Each project tells its own story and reflects my commitment to high-quality and professional visualizations.


3D Animations

The world of 3D animations offers endless possibilities to bring stories to life visually. In my work, I’ve created complex models and stunning animations used in various projects, from short films to advertising campaigns. My skills in 3D modeling and animation have allowed me to transform ideas into impressive visual experiences.



Creative and engaging commercials are an essential part of successful marketing campaigns. I’ve produced a variety of commercials for different industries, always striving to communicate the message clearly and creatively. Each project was executed with an eye for detail and a passion for perfection.


Smaller Projects

In addition to larger projects, I also take on smaller creative challenges. Whether it’s a short animation video, a product visualization, or a special retouching project, I approach each task with the same care and dedication. These smaller projects allow me to test my creative boundaries and explore new techniques.

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